What's included with the price of admission?


 - Course option of choice (50, 30, 28, or 16 miles of Quantico Trails).

 - Fully supported aide stations:  Mechanic, Hammer Nutrition products, water, other nutritional support, course maps, and porta-johns.

 - Sweet event t-shirt.

 - Unique event medallion with additional option for plank owners.

 - Post-ride party with music.

 - Meal ticket for choice of BBQ or Fusion Street Tacos.

 - Beverage ticket for choice of adult beverage.  Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided as well.

 - Unique rider opportunities

      - Montezuma's Mountain Master Climb Challenge (50 mile course only)

      - Montezuma's Mayhem Swag Search (all courses)

 - Most importantly, an awesome adventure on the mountain bike trails of MCB Quantico


So, what's your choice? 


 - Montezuma's EPIC Revenge 50 miles (RED COURSE)

 - Give Me Some PT - OCS Style 30 miles (GREEN COURSE)

 - Main Side Singletrack Mayhem 28 miles (BLUE COURSE)

 - Main Side Mini-Mayhem 16 miles (YELLOW COURSE)


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The trails at Quantico are calling.  Are you ready for an Epic Quantico Adventure?